Community Education

Community Education is a vital part of our community life. It is fundamental to building awareness through the sharing of topics relevant to Waldorf curriculum, as well as issues and ideas that enrich and deepen our understanding of our world. Each year we present programs that appeal to our diverse community. These events are designed to explore ideas pertinent to parents of all students.

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Faculty and parents work together to develop events that broaden the larger community’s understanding of Waldorf education.

Community Education Events 2019-2020

Book Presentation: Hearts and Minds (Reclaiming the Soul of Science and Medicine)
Walter Alexander
Tuesday, October 29, 7:00 pm, Lower School Assembly Room
In conjunction with the release of his book, Walter Alexander, former Waldorf and public school teacher, RSS trustee, writer and veteran medical journalist, will offer a perspective on today’s advances in medicine, biology and neuroscience. His new book addresses the need for a more human-centered approach to scientific and medical research.

Eurythmy Workshop with Alexandra Spadea
Tuesdays & Thursdays, until November 21, 8:30 am to 9:30 am, Upper School Assembly Room
Would you like to invigorate your start into the day? Join Alexandra Spadea for some fun Eurythmy time! Each session is designed to give every participant an introduction into the harmonizing art of Eurythmy. No previous experience required. Eurythmy slippers will be provided.

Visual Conditions and First-Grade Readiness
Dr. Jerry Wintrob, moderated by Anke Scheinfeld
Tuesday, December 10, at 7:00pm,
Lower School Assembly Room
A properly functioning visual system and the integration of vision with other senses in an effortless way is essential as children begin elementary school. Dr. Jerry Wintrob, a Developmental Optometrist and a former schoolteacher, will share from his experience of over 30 years in private practice working with children. He will discuss the undiagnosed but easily treated visual conditions that affect development and learning. The talk will be moderated by Anke Scheinfeld, who has been a member of our Early Childhood Faculty for 15 years. Prior to teaching, Anke worked as a physician and her main interest is aligning the healing impulse of Waldorf education with preventive medicine.

“Encountering the Self”: The Emerging Capacities of the Fourth and Fifth Grader
Carol Bärtges
Tuesday, January 21, at 7:00pm,
Lower School Assembly Room
The Fourth and Fifth grades are a time of great change for the growing child in all three realms of thought, feeling and volition. Carol Bärtges, Upper School Humanities teacher and author of numerous articles on Waldorf education, will share a view of how the curriculum of these years acknowledges both the visible and invisible transformations occurring within the developing human being.

Social Awareness, Gender and Sexuality in Waldorf Education
Lisa Romero
Tuesday, February 11, at 7:00pm,
Lower School Assembly Room
Author, speaker and consultant for Waldorf Education and  Anthroposophy, Lisa Romero, will present a talk that will cover how and when we work with children, from early childhood to adolescence, to support community understanding of sexuality and gender as it pertains to the developmental phases of growth during childhood.

Find Comfort in Discomfort: Normalizing Conversations with Kids around Difference
Monique Marshall – ONLINE Workshop  

Tuesday, April 14th 8:00pm
Come learn to support young people in conversations around identity and diversity. How does our own comfort with difficult topics or lack thereof impact the children we are raising? We will discuss developmentally appropriate ways to help normalize conversations around difference.

The Key Poetry Café: Celebrating the Literary Work of Our Community
Tuesday, April 7 at 7:00pm – CANCELLED

In this lively evening presented by The Key, the school’s literary magazine, we will showcase the love of poetry and literature that lives deeply in our community. It features original student work from grades 6 through 12 as well as faculty and parent contributions. This year, the event will be dedicated to the Nobel Prize recipient for Literature Toni Morrison who passed away in August.

A Mathematical Evening, hosted by the Upper School Students and the Math Department
Wednesday, April 15, at 7:00pm – CANCELLED

Join us for an evening of student presentations from their work this year in mathematics. Past presentations have included Senior Math Elective work with Taylor Series, Tenth Grade Computer Science work with decision-making structures, seventh grade work with the Golden Rectangle, and sixth grade work with the Lightbulb Problem. Hosted by Marisha Plotnik and Dan Marsch.

A day trip to Hawthorne Valley Farm
Saturday, April 18, from 8:00 am to 4:00pm – CANCELLED
A day trip to Hawthorne Valley in Columbia County for students and parents to learn more about the farm and its educational program. Each year our Lower School and 10th grade students visit the farm for a week and participate in its well-known biodynamic agricultural practice. Buses will leave the Lower School and arrive at the farm’s Main House for an orientation. A full day filled with hands-on farm chores, lunch and a chance to do a little shopping at the Farm Store before heading home.

Storytelling through the Grades
Elizabeth Hall
Wednesday, May 27, at 7:00pm – ONLINE TALK

Storytelling is part of the Waldorf teacher’s and students’ journey through the early childhood years and into the grades, whether sharing fables, reflection on animal behavior and human morality, or exploring biographies and great themes of history in the older grades. Elizabeth Hall, who has been working in Waldorf Education for over 20 years, will explore storytelling as a powerful medium for providing information in a way that students can discuss, ponder, and wrestle with the content rather than solely memorize. Hall is the current 8th grade class teacher at the Green Meadow Waldof School, a member of the Sunbridge faculty, and a crafty storyteller.