Community Education is a vital part of our community life. It is fundamental to building awareness through the sharing of topics relevant to Waldorf curriculum, as well as issues and ideas that enrich and deepen our understanding of our world. Each year we present programs that appeal to our diverse community. These events are designed to explore ideas pertinent to parents of all students.

Faculty and parents work together to develop events that broaden the larger community’s understanding of Waldorf education. Past events have included:

  • talks by Steiner faculty and visiting educators about how Waldorf education is a complete arc from early childhood to high school;
  • a teach-in on the current state of Islam, including lectures from two practicing Muslims;
  • and recently, a screening of the documentary, “Screenagers” was offered in conjunction with the Media Committee, with a group discussion on the influence and use of technology following the film.


Community Education Events, 2017-2018

The Spiral Talk, with Carol Bärtges

October 26, at 7 pm

Upper School Assembly Room

This presentation is a unique opportunity to understand the essence and purpose of the Waldorf curriculum and what awaits your child through the twelve years of this education. An alumna of the school and a member of our Upper School faculty, Ms Bärtges will share her reflections on the “spiraling relationships” inherent in the curriculum and trace its thematic development from the grade years to high school.

The Twelve Senses, with Anke Scheinfeld, Gianina Zlatar and Dan Marsch

November 29, 7 pm

Lower School Assembly Room

Our senses allow us to take in our surroundings and confirm our very existence. They shape our experience and define the outlines of our inner and outer worlds. Without them, we would live as isolated entities. Rudolf Steiner spoke of twelve senses, the five broadly accepted ones included. What are these senses and how do we work with them from the early childhood, through the elementary school, into the high school?

Ms Scheinfeld, Ms Zlatar and Mr Marsch, teachers in the Upstairs Kindergarten, First Grade and the Upper School, will address this question, offering an overview of the twelve senses and giving examples of how Waldorf education nurtures these senses.

The Teaching of Reading in a Waldorf School

January 10, 9 am

Lower School Assembly Room

This gathering offers parents the opportunity to understand the rich ways literacy is approached in our school and to discuss their questions about Waldorf pedagogical practices and outcomes regarding reading. Parents of all grades and Early Childhood are welcome.

Poetry Café

January 18, 6.30 pm

Lower School Assembly Room

This is a lively evening of sharing the love of poetry and literature that is fostered and lives deeply in our community. It features original student work from grades 6 though 12. This year, the event will celebrate the work of Gwendolyn Brooks. Parents of all grades are invited.

Screening: “The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner”

March 1, 6 pm

Lower School Assembly Room

This two-part documentary by British filmmaker Jonathan Stedall tells the story of Rudolf Steiner’s remarkable life (1861-1925). Filmed during 2011, the 150th anniversary of Steiner’s birth, it explores the influence of his ideas and insights into different areas, such as education, agriculture, medicine, social and financial issues, and the arts.

A Mathematical Evening, hosted by Marisha Plotnik and Dan Marsch

April 25, 6 pm

Lower School Assembly Room

New this year! Come to enjoy and admire student presentations of mathematical work. Topics will range from Perfect Squares (sixth grade) to advanced calculus-based proofs (twelfth grade Math Elective.)