Student Life


Recently, it has become evident that I did not only receive teachers at Steiner. Instead, I received life-long mentors and friends, which was more than I hoped for. Your gesture of unconditional love and care toward the individual and their education is not an experience that I will take with me, but has become me. I am a better person because of it.

Elie Mala, Class of 2010

As I began packing my bag and organizing myself for the new school year, it is with great difficulty that I am not pulling out a suit and tie and preparing for a rose ceremony, or sharpening my colored pencils in anticipation of my first Main Lesson Block. The material you have taught me has not only shaped my academic life, but has also sculpted me as a person. When I see other students in my grade, the difference is immediately clear: my posture, my tone of speech, my pronunciation, all traits that I have acquired at Steiner. I am forever grateful for everything, and I miss you all very much.

– Zain Edeen Elwakil, Class of 2016