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Importance of Free Play

“As government education experts call for toddler literacy, and baby apps proliferate, are we losing sight of materials-based learning? Infant scientists and young explorers thrive in the open air and through free play, eager to grasp the world – literally,” says…

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Simpsons Love Waldorf

The Simpsons gave a well-crafted, comic shout out to Waldorf Education during their 2015 season finale. The Steiner School, AWSNA and Waldorf schools around the world were pleased with the level of in-depth knowledge the…

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Why America’s obsession with STEM education is dangerous

Fareed Zakaria wrote an interesting opinion piece in the Washington Post, Why America’s obsession with STEM education is dangerous. This article deeply resonates with a similar philosophy to Waldorf Education…

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Waldorf Humanities Curriculum

Carol Bärtges, a Rudolf Steiner High School Humanities teacher, discussed The Spiral Curriculum with parents. Based on The Journey In and Journey Out: The Waldorf Elementary and High School Curricula, an article written…

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Finland and Waldorf Education

Why Finland’s Schools are Top-Notch from @CNN was particularly interesting. It draws comparisons to the Finnish and American education systems, comparing and contrasting each system. However, what was even…

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Steve Jobs: Low Tech Parent

We really agreed with this article: Steve Jobs was a Low-Tech Parent from the September 10, 2014 NY Times. The day the iPhone 6 was released, this article validates what the parents at the Rudolf Steiner School believe in…