In the natural, rhythmical, and creative environment of the Nursery Program, children are given the freedom, confidence, independence, and security to prepare for the next phase of school life.

The daily activities are intentionally kept as simple as possible, recognizing that this is often the child’s first experience away from home and parents. In a gentle manner, teachers guide the children in adjusting to the social world around them, teaching them everyday skills such as dressing and washing, and provide plenty of opportunities for joyful movement and play.

The Nursery Half-Day Program meets five days a week from 8:30 am to 12:00 noon, with a transitional phase in the beginning of the year. Our full-day options ending at 3:00 pm are available on three or five days a week.


Our Kindergarten Program nourishes children with a home-like setting and is carefully designed to encourage a healthy rhythm of active and quieter pursuits. Craft activities and plenty of movement opportunities, both inside the classroom and in neighboring Central Park, bring balance to the day and strength to the child.

As children learn best by doing, they are active participants in everything in a Waldorf Kindergarten classroom: chopping vegetables for soup, kneading dough for their bread, and helping the teachers order and clean the classroom each day.

A typical morning includes free play, cleanup, greeting and circle, artistic activity such as bread making or watercolor painting, storytelling, rest, snack and outdoor play.

Our classes are mixed-age groups of four- to six-year old children and meet five days a week from 8:30-12:00. Our full-day options ending at 3:00 pm are available on three or five days a week.