At Rudolf Steiner School, festivals play an essential role for the school community. Celebrating festivals brings a sense of rhythm and anticipation, and particularly for the young children, this is an important part of their growing up. Honoring festivals together is also a way of keeping time. Throughout history, festivals have been interwoven with life and the cycles of nature. In Waldorf schools, we too have found our own meaningful way to honor the seasons and their different qualities.


Rose Ceremony

The school year begins and concludes with the Rose Ceremony, giving a “full circle” experience through the welcoming and farewell roses exchanged between the First and Twelfth Graders. The Rose Ceremony marks a significant moment in time for our incoming and graduating students.


On September 29th, we celebrate Michaelmas, a festival dedicated to courage and good deeds. In spirit of the day, we have a tradition of providing service opportunities for the community.


The celebration of Martinmas comes on November 11th, with the beginning of the colder and darker days of autumn. St. Martin is remembered for sharing his warm cloak with a beggar. In this festival, the whole community cultivates empathy and the beauty of sharing: we collect winter coats to give to those less fortunate.


Fall Fair

Rudolf Steiner School opens its doors every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving for its legendary Fall Fair. The whole community takes part in the preparations: wood workshops produce beautifully handmade wooden animals, swords and shields; in workshops parents and teachers knit everything from baby clothes to animals and winter scarves; while in the doll workshop beautiful handmade dolls are created. During the Fair classrooms are being transformed into crystal caves, game rooms, cakewalks and more. This magical event attracts students, faculty, families, alumni, friends and the entire neighborhood.


Just before the Thanksgiving holiday we hold a school assembly, usually at All Soul’s Church on Lexington Avenue. Each class from Grade 1 through 12 offer their Thanks by presenting something they have worked on: a song, a poem, an orchestra piece, a speech.

Winter Concert

This annual vocal concert in December, just before winter break, brings the community together to share holiday songs. Traditional and celebratory music from all cultures and countries are performed by the school’s Lower and Upper School Choruses and various grades. This gathering ushers in the Holidays in a joyful, inclusive event.

Martin Luther King Day

In January, we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and celebrate his peaceful and passionate leadership towards equal existence for all beings. His memory fuels our commitment as individuals and in our communities to act with integrity and care. We honor Dr. King’s legacy in the middle and upper school with a series of events, including a talk; a 7th-9th grade assembly, film, and discussion; and a special High School Assembly.

Spring Assembly

The Spring Assembly, held on the last day of school before spring break, brings our community together to celebrate the arrival of Spring with songs, Eurythmy and musical performances. The Seniors usually prepare their own Eurythmy offering, as this is their last community performance before the Senior Play and graduation.


Spring Concert

This annual concert in April presents talented musicians from all grades. We hear the Lower, Middle and High School Orchestras, the Drumming Club, and the Jazz Band, who each offer various musical pieces – from classics to folk to big-band favorites from all over the world.

Book Fair

The Parent Council organizes a three day all school book fair in late April with literature, picture books and almanacs for children of every age. A carefully curated selection of books is beautifully arranged for children and their parents.

Spring Gala

As the most important fundraiser of the year, our Spring Gala is held every year in a spectacular New York City event space where parents, faculty and staff join together to celebrate the school’s mission. Dancing, great food and conversation and the silent and live auctions guarantee a highly festive evening for all.