Rudolf Steiner School offers two Nursery classes, two Kindergarten classes and a Parent-Child program for children 12 months old and up and their parents, as well as an optional afternoon program for students.

Discovery and Wonder – Let the Journey begin

Our Early Childhood program’s daily activities build a strong base for future academic success. We foster the children’s curiosity and their deep sense of wonder and guide them into a gentle and developmentally appropriate discovery of the world around them.

Songs and nursery rhymes cultivate intimacy with language. Listening to stories, and participating in dramatic play strengthens the power of memory and imagination. Counting games and rhythmic activities playfully trigger a sense for arithmetic and numbers. Artistic activities and crafts help the children develop small motor skills, coordination, and the ability to concentrate.

Ample time for free creative play, both in the classroom and in nearby Central Park, enables the children to strengthen their bodies, forge healthy, long-lasting social relationships, and engenders interest in the world around them.