A community that creates lifelong engagement

The Rudolf Steiner School offers families the opportunity to interact outside the classroom with teachers, parents, students, caregivers and alumni. School festivals and celebrations rely heavily on volunteers, adult classes build skills and engagement and after-school seminars encourage parents to debate technology, diversity and the media. We offer many ways to stay informed and engaged while building connections. Doing so brings our community to life.


Festivals and Events

Celebrating the year and its natural passage through time with seasonal events and traditional festivals is a vital part of the community life at Rudolf Steiner.



Participating and volunteering in many school related areas build the strength of our community. Our distinct committees offer various opportunities for parents and teachers to collaborate.



Rudolf Steiner School alumni are a vibrant group of dedicated and supporting members of our school network at large. We often invite alumni back to share their professional path and reflections on their years at Steiner.