Parents are encouraged to participate and offer their expertise and experience to the school in a number of ways. The Rudolf Steiner School has an active and involved parent body, which gives our community life, authenticity and diversity.

Please do reach out to the following Committee Chairs and Class Liaisons to find out more:

Parent Council
President: Ellen Jacobson

The Parent Council consists of a parent representative from each class. The representative works with his or her Class Teacher and the respective class parent to ensure a smooth and open communication between the school to the classes/parents and vice versa. Every year the Parent Council hosts a variety of events that bring the community together.

Community Education Committee
Chair: Linda Ogden-Wolgemuth, Chair College of Teachers, class teacher

The Community Education Committee organizes a wide variety of events for all areas of the school community. Offerings range from lectures on Waldorf education and anthroposophy to move screenings and discussion panels. Membership is open to any interested community member.

Fall Fair Planning Committee
Contact: Eileen Diskin, Director of Development

A mighty group tasked to fulfill a major fund- and friend raising event of the school, the committee pulls together an incredible number of parents and friends who, with thoughtful planning and preparation, transform the school into a magical world.

Spring Gala Committee
Contact: Eileen Diskin, Director of Development

Working under the direct care and supervision of the Director of Development, the Spring Gala Committee provides the community with an amazing evening to honor and celebrate our students and the school.

Diversity Committee
Chair: Brian Plane, class teacher

Diversity plays a key role in the ongoing development and education of the entire community. The Diversity Committee composed of faculty, staff, and parents, offer leadership and guidance – frequently asking the tough questions necessary to spur the school forward in its attitudes and practices around creating a diverse and welcoming community.

Board Committees
Selected committees that report directly to the Board of Trustees are open for parents to join, by invitation only. Members of Board Committees are nominated by the respective director and committee chair with the support of the Committee on Trustees and submitted to the Board for approval.

Development Committee
Contact: Eileen Diskin, Director of Development

The Development Committee serves as the mechanism to involve parents, alumni and school leadership in the process of raising funds that support the budget. It aims to meet and exceed fundraising goals through the creation of a well-balanced program that ensures annual revenue from diverse sources, and promotes healthy growth and long-term sustainability. The committee works closely with the Development Director and staff to evaluate and implement proposed fundraising strategies related to the Rudolf Steiner School Fund (formerly known as the Annual Fund), capital campaigns, endowment initiatives, legacy gifts, and grants.

Enrollment Committee
Co-Chair: Sam Margles

The Enrollment Committee supports the work needed to achieve appropriate enrollment at the Rudolf Steiner School.

Communications Committee
Chair: Claudia Mahler

The Communications Committee supports the administration in their ongoing communications and marketing efforts. As a group of volunteering specialists from various backgrounds: marketing, graphic design, copy editing, tech, strategic consulting and development, the committee takes on designated tasks in close collaboration with members of the administration.