Spring Assembly at Steiner!

Spring Assembly at Steiner!

Welcome back! We hope you all enjoyed a rejuvenating holiday! We ended the last week before Spring Break on a very happy note with our beloved and energetic Spring Assembly.


Should You Teach Your Kids to Code?

An Article from Slate “Coding books for kids present coding as a set of problems with “correct” solutions... But that is not the way programming works... Programming is a mix of creativity and determination. Being a developer is about more than syntax, and certain skills can only be taught to the very young.”— JOE MORGAN, [...]

How to Get Your Mind to Read

“Current (public) education practices show that reading comprehension is misunderstood.  It’s treated like a general skill that can be applied with equal success to all texts. Rather, comprehension is intimately intertwined with knowledge.” Continue reading on The New York Times >