VIDEO: Kim John Payne at Steiner

Kim John Payne gave a well received talk to an at-capacity audience for just under two hours, including a Q&A, on March 1, 2016. He began his talk by clarifying that he is not anti-technology, but rather pro-family. However, he cited several statistics that the use of excessive technology in children can cause addictive tendencies and […]


VIDEO: Ackerman Institute Talk

The Rudolf Steiner School welcomed representatives from the Ackerman Institute into our community on March 8 for an evening of learning and understanding about gender diversity and best practice guidelines for transgender and gender-expansive students. Click HERE or on the photo to watch the video. This conversation was an opportunity to learn more about gender […]


Is she the best rock climber ever?

Congratulations to our “rock star” climber Ashima Shiraishi, who was named by Time Magazine as a next generation leader, with the question: Could the best female rock climber in the world become the best rock climber ever? Ashima has been a student at the Steiner School since she was three-years old. She began climbing outdoors […]


College Acceptances & Matriculations for the Class of 2016

The Rudolf Steiner School is proud to announce that the Class of 2016 had an extraordinary college acceptance season this year. The focus of our college guidance program is to guide and support students in finding colleges and universities that are the right fit for each student. The Class of 2016 is truly the product […]


Typewriter (by Henry P – 8th grade)

[After reading Henry’s story, read the preview article from The Bulletin Magazine about the making of “Typewriter,” written by Language Arts teacher Rosemary Hester] When he entered the room, he tripped over an overturned lamp and fell face first onto the carpet. The first thing he noticed wasn’t that his money and his TV had been […]


Could Steiner schools have a point on children, tablets and tech?

Interesting article about technology in schools. This article from The Guardian (UK) focuses on a Waldorf school in Nottingham, UK. While this school, Iona, does not allow its students to use technology in the school and discourages its use at home, it is important to point out that many Waldorf schools, including Rudolf Steiner School NYC, […]


Establishing an Escape Route by Liz Repking

Kids, even good kids, sometimes make mistakes. Our goal as parents is not to prevent mistakes, but to help kids learn from those mistakes. But if they are scared to tell us about their mistakes, they can get in over their heads and end up making even bigger mistakes to try to cover their trail. […]


Snapchat: The latest trends by Liz Repking

In October 2014, I published Snapchat: Do those pictures really disappear forever? The objective was to provide an introduction to this relatively new app that was gaining popularity at an alarming speed. As I read over this blog today, I realize some of the basic information still holds true. Continue reading . . .