Waldorf Friends are Friends for Life

We often say, the connections children make at the Rudolf Steiner School will last a lifetime. The sentiment is true for all Waldorf schools. Take, for example, our dear Lower School Chair Jeff Spade and the special event he participated in over Christmas break. Kimberton Waldorf School alumna, Mary Graham class of 1994 shares:

“An event conceived about three years ago finally came to fruition. On December 30th a group made up mostly of KWS alumni gathered in eager anticipation in the music room, joined by Jeff Spade, who had been the music teacher at KWS from 1998 to 1996.  After excited hugs, exclamations, and some reminiscing about our time at KWS, we opened our black folders to begin singing. Jeff Spade had been our beloved choral director, and we spent that afternoon being transported back to those magical choral moments. Through Jeff’s gestures, expressions, jokes, and enthusiasm for the music, the decades dissolved and our voices melded once more into the energetic chorus we remembered loving so much. After a delicious potluck supper where we joyfully reconnected to old friends, we parted ways to meet up again the following morning for a brief run-through of the songs. At one o’clock the gym began filling with faces both familiar and new, and we began our humble little concert. Many of us had ​not sung for several years, and yet I think I can safely say that every single one of us had a fantastic time singing together. That is both a testimony to Jeff’s talent for drawing out the best in all chorus members as well as to the joy we each carry in relation to our memories of singing at KWS during our school years. I think I can speak for all the participants when I say we are very grateful for all those years of what must be one of the most precious, joy-engendering activity one can do: singing together.”

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