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“If you’ve had the experience of binding a book, knitting a sock, playing a recorder, then you feel you can build a rocket – or learn a software program you’ve never touched. It’s not bravado, just a quiet confidence. There is nothing you can’t do. Why couldn’t you? Why couldn’t anybody?”

— Peter Nitze, Rudolf Steiner/Harvard Alumnus, Director of aerospace company


Steiner students come from all over the city, the suburbs as well, and some from foreign countries. We take pride in the wide range of ethnicities, creeds, and backgrounds of our young people and foster their respect and friendship for each other.

Our students gain knowledge and insight through multiple channels: the emotions, volition, as well as the intellect; handcrafts, physical activity, and the aesthetic senses. Coursework here blends the study of science, arts, and mathematics, literature and history, music and language to instill a broad understanding of the world, its processes and its peoples. The unique spiral curriculum imparts and expands this information through sequential modes of perception, experience, and conceptualization, each building on the others as comprehension grows.