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“I feel so blessed to have my son attend The Rudolf Steiner School for the last 4 years. He is growing up to be a creative, imaginative young person who has compassion for his friends, a sense of wonder for nature and a strong place in this world. For me, the school is an incredible community of support and inspiration.”

— Ami Rothschild, Current Parent

“Recently it became evident that I not only had teachers at Steiner, I had life-long mentors and friends, which was more than I hoped for. The school’s gesture of unconditional love and care toward the individual and their education is not an experience that I take with me, but it has become me. I am a better person for it.”
— Elie Mala ’10

“I can say unequivocally that my eight years at the Rudolf Steiner School provided me with a solid foundation for acceptance at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Small class sizes, dedicated and professional teachers, robust academics, numerousextra-curriculum activities and a variety of sports, all were instrumental in providing me with the tools necessary to succeed in my chosen profession. In short, RSS provided the path I would travel to become a career senior naval officer and civilian leader in the Department of Defense.”
–Stephen McKenzie ’75

“I majored in Medical Humanities at Columbia University. It’s like science humanities. I created my major, and it’s entirely because I attended Steiner. My entire focus of going into medicine, and then taking a Humanities approach – and not a biological approach, is totally Steiner. This education enabled me to graduate in three years.”
— Charlotte McGuckin ’11

“I don’t measure myself by how often I give ‘correct answers’—I measure myself by how much I push myself to be creative, thoughtful, to draw on all of my faculties, and by how successful I am at being both intellectually and socially agile. The ability to learn and repeat back ‘correct answers’ is of minimal value in the world and workplace. I work in the burgeoning field of corporate innovation, and simply would not succeed if I were afraid to narrate huge ideas, to simply try them out, and to build on the ideas of others. I am so grateful for how my Waldorf education focused on developing the broad intellectual and social capabilities I call on daily in the world.”
–Sarah Hetherington ’05

“The mark of a profound and enduring education is one which can inspire and continually influence every aspect of future work. Steiner education provides one with the thirst for knowledge that drives one enthusiastically towards the curiosities of life.  I feel that Steiner education successfully prepared me for my work in college, and the memories formed during my time there are cherished to this day.”
–Thomas Tumelty ’10

“I can still smell the beeswax crayons we colored with in first grade. These and the other fine materials we worked with taught me an appreciation for all of the details and care that must go in to good creative work. We used those crayons to draw rolling waves as a precursor to learning cursive writing, giving us an appreciation for an elegance of form and not just the function of spelling words. Looking back, I might not have created Project Runway if I hadn’t learned to knit, crochet, and sew. I cannot imagine a better educational foundation for young people. Steiner made me love to learn and create, and gave me the tools to do both. I am forever grateful.”
–Eli Holzman ’92

“I really enjoyed my years and experience at Steiner. Now, as I embark on my own entrepreneurial journey, I look back at my education and really appreciate it. Everyday I am faced with different challenges from every side of my business. While most would tackle them with obvious, textbook responses, I tend to bring a colorful and unorthodox approach to problem solving. I am thankful to Steiner for giving me the confidence to address things with an artistic and creative bent.”
–Michael Ray Robinov ’11

“My Steiner education was out of synch with all of the worst elements of the culture—commercialism, commodification, materialism, militarism, cynicism, the idea that the arts are soft and don’t matter. I wouldn’t have missed it and I’m better for
— Alumnus ’47, Publisher

“As a professor of political science, I’ve come to value the solid grounding my K-12 years at Steiner gave me. While the research universities I attended provided the specialized concepts and methodologies I use in my scholarship, Steiner provided the most seminal professional skills I have today. Steiner is where I learned the essence of thinking critically, articulating ideas cogently, interpreting the actions and work of others objectively, and engaging constructively in a community with diverse interests.”
— Alumna ’87, Assistant Professor

“The spirituality was subtle and secular. I never felt overtly confronted with a specific religion, but there was an attention to all parts of one’s being. Eurythmy helped tie it all together—rhythms, music, poetry, everything blending.”
— Alumna ’02

“At the end of Kindergarten, we were introduced to the woman who would be our teacher for first grade. She had us each plant a sunflower seed and put our name on the pot. When we came back in the fall and found our big golden sunflowers that had sprouted over the summer from such small seeds…wow! It was a vivid way to start an educational journey. She was my Class Teacher on through eighth grade—my mentor, my second mother, a dedicated teacher. A tremendous educator.”
— Alumna ’02

“From the earliest moment I felt the itch to be a writer, my interest was immediately noticed by my Main Lesson teacher. She suggested books I should read, things I could try. The small class made that close relationship possible. The passion of the Rudolf Steiner teachers was inspirational. They didn’t just come to teach by rote. They were completely dedicated to their craft. Waldorf education is a grand design. Every lesson you learn in school is not just an academic event: it’s a life lesson as well.”
— Alumnus ’86, Screenwriter

“We were taught to see girls as sisters and boys as brothers. A respect for each other’s individuality was encouraged as well. There was a strong sense of belonging to a community—it was like a home.”
— Alumnus ’87, Portfolio Manager

“The constant thread of storytelling in the Steiner curriculum gave me building blocks and an understanding of how to integrate and communicate ideas and information. That was vital to my development as a writer.”
— Alumnus ’86

“Science careers are also writing careers, and the excellent teaching in English and Biology at Steiner has served me extremely well in entering a career as a research scientist and university professor. The infusion of art into all of the Steiner curricula created an intuitive aesthetic sense for the connections of art and music with the physical and the life sciences.”
— Alumnus ’84, Assistant Professor of Oceanography, UC San Diego

“I almost always recognize students who have attended the Steiner School or one of the other Waldorf schools: Steiner students expect to be interested, independent, and active when they learn, and they won’t settle for less. They ask searching questions, their minds are at home with paradox, and when they encounter really hard material, they call on their creativity to help them.”
— Alumna ’54, Professor of Comparative Lit and Women’s Studies, Wesleyan University

“What I’ve appreciated most about Steiner is the diversity of the study—artistic expression and rational thinking, multi-disciplinary integration of subjects that connected hand, mind, and eye. The biggest thing I learned was how you bring these strands together in creative problem solving.”
— Alumnus ’83, Architect and Designer

“The Main Lesson was great. You’d learn a lot, really delve into the subject because of all the time available. And all the aspects—history within art, music, drama, science, and literature. When your head was getting full of one subject, there’d be another. Tremendous variety and very intensive. You’d get drawn in, and then it’s recess.”
— Recent Alumna