Simpsons Love Waldorf


The Simpsons gave a well-crafted, comic shout out to Waldorf Education during their 2015 season finale.
The Steiner School, AWSNA and Waldorf schools around the world were pleased with the level of in-depth knowledge the Simpsons writers clearly possessed about pedagogy and stereotypes (learning while doing) associated with Waldorf Education, which made this fun caricature both lighthearted and flattering.
The video was placed on our Facebook page, and more than 37,000 people watched the video, which has driven a lot of people to our website.
While Waldorf schools aren’t endorsing or suggesting that our students watch The Simpsons, we are honored that we were featured in such a positive light. In typical form, Waldorf schools are responding in kind with Waldorf inspired tributes to The Simpsons. A collective of handmade hats is being created to send to the Simpson writers, and the students at The Waldorf School of Philadelphia created beeswax figures of Simpsons characters to share online and with Simpsons executives.

We loved this episode so much, we created a hashtag! ‪#‎simpsonslovewaldorf‬