Parent Testimonial

9th-grade-studentWe are looking forward to our Upper School Open House coming up on April 9 from 6:30 to 8:00pm. Many students and parents cross our threshold for the first time during a Steiner School Open House. We recently received a beautifully written letter from a parent describing her experiences, including her first encounter at an Open House.

Choosing a High School for my son was a very difficult journey. My husband, son, and I attended several high school fairs. At each one, l heard about all the great programs their school had to offer. 

As educators, my husband and I knew the environment that we wanted for our son. I have taught at very prestigious independent schools in Manhattan, and I have visited several schools and learned about their programs, but the Rudolf Steiner School was a very unique school in many ways. Steiner offered a program that was unique compared to the other schools we applied to. Steiner’s opportunity to study abroad in10th grade for a semester is second-to-none. For students to be able to travel and become fluent in a non-native language is an experience that no language teacher or textbook can replicate in any class.
My son spent a day at the six high schools we applied to. Having the opportunity to be a student at Steiner for a day gave him the opportunity to experience what student life is like. After all of his visits, he had his heart set on attending Rudolf Steiner School. During his visit, my son felt like he had found his second home. This is his second year at the Rudolf Steiner School, and we cannot be any happier. For four-months we had the pleasure of hosting an exchange student from Germany, and as a result, we developed a wonderful friendship that will last a lifetime.
My daughter joined Steiner’s 4th grade this year. She came from a Christian school, and she has been able to adjust with no problems at all. Each day, she looks forward to going to school because she loves her new teachers and her new friends. She says that she feels like she has been at Steiner since she was in Kindergarten.
Both of our children are in a school where they both experience the love of learning. My husband and I wish that we had had the same opportunity when we were children.
It is a privilege to be part of the Rudolf Steiner community, and we thank all the wonderful teachers and staff for doing such an exceptional job of creating the environment that every parent wants for their children.