Parent Council

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The Parent Council, an elected group of at least seven parents (including one president or two co-presidents) and a designated representative from the College of Teachers, serves as a liaison among the parents, the College of Teachers, the Administration, and the Board of Trustees. Our mission is to promote a strong, integrated, diverse community of parents, faculty, staff, and students to serve our school, which will benefit the education of our children and the larger community. One of the council’s main tasks is to facilitate communication on and discussion of issues relevant to the day-to-day life of the community, including the education and social life of our children within the school community. The group encourages awareness and involvement on the part of every member of the community in the mission and workings of the school.

The Parent Council has several subcommittees that encourage the involvement of the community in a number of activities. These committees include Dad’s Committee (Apple Picking, Sailing) and Events Committee (Back To School Nights, Community Association Dinner, Spring Picnic, and more). The roles of these subcommittees reflect the Council’s role as informational resource, support system, and unifier. The entire school community is invited to participate in these committees and other activities sponsored by the Parent Council.

Class Representatives – Parent Council is pleased to announce its members for the 2015-16 school year. One parent represents each grade with a child in that respective area/grade. Below is this year’s Parent Council Class Representatives:

President        Dan Goldstein
Nursery            Karen Imhof
Kindergarten    Katy Lindsay
1st Grade         Ku-Ling Yurman
2nd Grade        Michele Melland
3rd Grade         Elena Canon
4th Grade         Ellen Jacobson
5th Grade         Paulina Eisenbeis
6th Grade         Sara Madhu
7th Grade         Debra Kessler
8th Grade         Olga Berg
9th Grade        
10th Grade       Jeannie O’Conor
11th Grade       Chuck Smith
12th Grade