Learning Support

Academic Accommodations

The Rudolf Steiner School High School strives to meet the academic needs of its students within the expectations of the curriculum.  The School recognizes that some students may need some accommodation to be successful learners. The High School has a dedicated learning specialist, and is in the process of creating a learning support program. Therefore, although some accommodations are possible, the school still has limited capacities and resources to provide accommodations.  Schedule and space constraints may make it difficult to implement some requests.  All requests for accommodations will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the high school Learning Support Committee, which is led by the high school Learning Specialist. The HS Learning Support Committee reads all evaluations, and decides which accommodations the school can meet. Recommendations are then approved by the full HS faculty.

Guideline and Accommodation Requests

All requests for accommodations must be accompanied by a recent (within 3 years) neuro-psychological or educational evaluation assessment. The assessment and the request should be sent to the high school Learning Specialist. Accommodations will not be granted without submission of professionally administered assessments.

Extended Time on Tests

  • The School does its best to accommodate students approved for extra time on tests. Space and schedule constraints make it difficult to give students extended time in a contiguous manner. Students may need to move from the classroom to another location to finish the test.
  • Students who request extended time on standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT cannot receive the accommodation from the testing service without current professional documentation and a recommendation from the School. Parents should start this process no later than tenth grade


  • For students who have received a handwriting accommodation, use of computers for note-taking in the classroom will be considered on an individual basis.
  • These students may also be exempted from handwriting specific assignments. This accommodation will also be considered on an individual basis.
  • Students who apply for an in-class computer accommodation must demonstrate keyboarding competence.
  • The use of computers for in-class tests is not allowed.

Audio Books

A reasonable level of reading competence is necessary to be successful in our curriculum. Students granted accommodations for reading are still required to read short works, chapters and texts.  Audio books can be used for novels and other longer works. Audio books are not provided by the school and must be acquired by the family. Teachers or advisors will provide the family with pertinent information about the edition used, including publisher, date of publication and translator.

Recording Devices

The use of tape recorders or other recording devices is not allowed.


If the School determines that additional support is needed for the student, outside tutoring will be requested.  The cost of this tutoring will be borne in total by the parent or guardian who is financially responsible for the student.  The HS Learning Specialist is, in some cases, available for tutoring during the school day. This is an additional expense not covered by tuition, and payment will be borne in total by the parent or guardian who is financially responsible for the student. The school does not encourage outside tutors to conduct tutoring sessions on school premises during or after school hours. Parents are required to cooperate with Committee decisions regarding tutoring and payment thereof.