Lunch Menu


At the Rudolf Steiner School, we serve home cooked meals using mostly organic ingredients focusing on local, biodynamic and natural foods.  We strive to provide both cultural variety and seasonal abundance in our daily selections, with options that take into consideration the diversity of our students, faculty and staff.

Rudolf Steiner laid the foundation for biodynamic farming, which in essence is a system of organic sustainable agriculture.  When the stewardship of the earth is at its best, the result is astonishing beauty and depth of flavor in the food that is produced.  By providing these foods to our students, we let them experience this simple truth for themselves.

Our meals are nutritious.  When the students eat a locally grown biodynamic string bean from the Hudson Valley, many express their delight and astonishment at the depth, sweetness and intensity of the flavor.  The experience becomes part of their understanding of what real food should taste like and of the bond that exists between us as human beings and the life force of the planet.  They begin to learn the importance of supporting a way of eating that nurtures and sustains the environment in a conscious manner.  We believe our students will participate in determining the landscape of tomorrow, and that their food choices will have an important impact on that picture and on their future.