A Joyful Day in the 2nd Grade

_DSC0201It is the middle of January. It is grey and bitter cold, and the mood in the city is gloomy.

Not so on the 5th floor of the Rudolf Steiner School. There is an atmosphere of joyous anticipation and there are smiles on children’s faces as they patiently wait for their 2nd grade classroom door to open.

The big event is the once a year “Gnome Party” and the completion of their knitting project, which they so very much enjoyed.

Since September, the 2nd grade students have knitted a most delightful little gnome with a pointed hat and a long beard. Each child’s gnome had a very individual personality. Some had backpacks, some carried books, even a sword and shield. The love and care they put into their handwork creations was a joy to witness.

When the door opened, the children ever so quietly went to their assigned seats, and saw to their surprise a large _DSC0182table in the middle of their classroom covered completely in a red cloth. All eyes were on Mrs. Lorinz, as she began her story. She weaved a beautiful story about the world of nature, which surrounds us all. The children were spellbound as birds, and spiders, flowers and crystals brought inner pictures to life and enriched their imagination.

After the story was told, Mrs. Lorinz and Mrs. Anderson uncovered the big table and there it was. The world of the gnomes in the world of nature. Each child’s handmade gnome was there in this exquisite display. There were gnomes gardening, fishing in little ponds, and mining for shimmering crystals. There were gnomes hanging up their wash on miniature clothes lines and ever so many different activities so beautifully displayed.

After a little time passed during which the children just looked and took in these scenes, they were now allowed to play and admire each other’s work and the loving work of their teachers.

Watching them I became again aware of the true essence of childhood and what our deeply committed education brings to our students in the full engagement of Head, Heart and Hands.

My heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Lorinz and Mrs. Anderson for letting me share in this special moment of the 2nd grade’s school life.

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