Grades 7 & 8 Curriculum Overview


Heading toward high school, the curriculum broadens and deepens the progressive flow of knowledge, skills, and creativity begun in the earlier grades. As the learners mature, so does the nature of their work. In seventh grade, Algebra and Perspective Drawing are introduced, and followed in eighth grade by the study of the five Platonic solids. Eighth graders are introduced to the study of global climate and weather patterns in Meteorology, a study that interconnects with Geography and environmental issues. Competitive games are introduced, and students engage in interscholastic competitions with other independent schools in soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, and track. Students are adept at playing their individual musical instruments. Orchestra, band, and chorus undertake more complex compositions and perform both at school and in other City venues. In their artwork, painting includes both watercolors and other media. Foreign language has advanced apace: conversational accomplishment in Spanish and German expands to include reading and writing. In Technology, Internet research and word processing of reports and papers begins the expanding use of digital equipment that continues through twelfth grade.

Coursework in seventh and eighth grades builds self-confidence and competence through independent projects. These final elementary grades emphasize knowledge of the modern world, its physical and social aspects. The demands of future study are in focus. Stepping up from eighth grade, Steiner students are more than ready to take on the challenges of high school.

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