College of Teachers

The College of Teachers is a group of faculty and staff, which serves as the governing body of the school’s pedagogy. The College of Teachers (COT) carries the spiritual mission of the school and is responsible for the integrity of the curriculum. The members work closely with the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty and staff in the development of new programs, long-range plans, and improvements to school governance. To ensure inclusivity, the weekly College meetings may be attended by staff and faculty upon request.








Top Row L to R: Anke Scheinfeld, Renni Gallagher, William Macatee, Leslie Li,
John Anderson, Julia Hays, Marina McGrew, Linda Ogden-Wolgemuth, Rallou Hamshaw, Brooke Brosenne, Renate Poliakine, Lucy Schneider, Mary Lynn Hetsko
Bottom Row L to R: Denise Crane, Carol Bartges, Marisha Plotnik,
Tim Hoffmann, Cybelle Afable, Jeff Spade, Deborah Renna, Wendy Kelly


Linda Ogden-Wolgemuth – 7th Grade Class Teacher, Speaker, College of Teachers
Wendy Kelly – 5th Grade Class Teacher, Secretary

Cybelle Afable – 3rd Grade Class Teacher
John Anderson – High School Humanities
Carol Bartges ’73 – High School Humanities
Brooke Brosenne – Elementary School Learning Resources Coordinator
Denise Crane – Elementary School Eurythmy Teacher
Renni Gallagher – Elementary School Learning Resources Teacher
Rallou Hamshaw ’65 – Upper School Art Teacher
Julia Hays ’73 – High School Chair
Mary Lynn Hetsko – Elementary School Handwork Teacher
Tim Hoffmann – 2nd Grade Class Teacher
Leslie Li – Executive Chef
William D. Macatee – Administrative Director
Marina McGrew – Upper School Crafts Teacher
Marisha Plotnik – Middle School Math
Renate Poliakine ‘60 – Woodworking Teacher
Deborah Renna – Early Childhood Chair
Anke Scheinfeld – Kindergarten Teacher
Lucy Schneider – 8th Grade Class Teacher
Jeff Spade – Lower School Chair