I was just reading about K.K. Haspel, a pioneer in the use of Biodynamic Farming, a philosophy set in motion by Rudolf Steiner in 1924. Take a look at the video below. One source referred to Biodynamics as a “holistic approach to organic farming.”

Below is a blog post about K.K. Haspel on the site Rockstar Farms.

K.K. Haspel runs “The Farm” located on the north fork of Long Island, where she practices a type of farming known as biodynamics, which is kind of like organic farming taken to a whole new level. “It’s spiritual,” Haydenexplains. “It’s going back to the Native Americans. You follow lunar planting cycles, purging the earth of any impurities, planting frankincense, myrrh, all this stuff that goes back to the Bible—it gets a little wacky.”
But its not her wacky farming practices that prompted Gerry Holden, owner of the North Fork Table & Inn, to start buying her produce. What convinced him at first were her tomatoes. “Her tomatoes were the real deal. They were ugly and gnarly, but delicious. At the time she had a very small crop. If you go over there today she’s growing the entire seven acres with raised beds, three greenhouses. She makes her own compost, and it is like black gold. She grows everything from edamame to fresh ginger root. Her farm is unbelievable.”