Alumni Class Notes

Stephen McKenzie and fiancé Jane.

Stephen McKenzie ’75 
Stephen sent a photo of himself and fiancé Jane at the completion of the Annapolis 10-mile race. His first ten-miler and he’s happy to report he survived the grueling hills of the course! “Goes to show you that indeed RSS “Old Guys Rule!” :-)”

Susan Franks ’75
Still on NYC’s Upper West Side, Susan Franks is now Production Manager on CBS This Morning at CBS News Parents and family intact.

Carmen Laube ’75
My news is the ongoing interest in my father’s invention, Smell-O-Vision, the scent-track to the 1960 film, The Scent of Mystery, which aired in LA on May 1st as part of a TMC retrospective on Hollywood classics. There is talk of an exhibit in Brussels next year, and I may ship them the unit on to be the centerpiece of the show.

Ana Vargas ’75
Here I am in Santiago, Dominican Republic where I moved to about 6 months ago. I was born in this country but never thought I would return to live here. After my mother’s death more than a year ago, I had no reason to stay in New York. Life here in Santiago is much slower which can be frustrating at times, but I am adjusting.
Water is the main problem on a daily basis and getting an official ID is still something that
I am working on. Dominicans have dual citizenship and I can get social security at 62 so
I decided to start living here while I can still adjust to a new environment.

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